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Why There Is No Best-Of List

I am frequently asked why I have no rankings on this site, no list of the top 10 haunted houses, no reviews, in fact, nothing at all to compare between the various haunted houses that are listed. This is not an oversight, in fact it is quite intentional. If I were to come up with a list then all I am sure of is that there would be many people who would disagree with who was on it or where each house was placed. Who can actually claim to have visited every haunted house in the area enough times to make sure that you did not just hit them on a bad night and do so in time to do more than tell us about the previous season? I could ask people to vote for their top 13 favorites, but that is still just that - favorite, not best. There are far too many types of haunted attractions in the area: very theatrical, very gory and startle-oriented, houses that concentrate on acting, houses that concentrate on hollywood-quality decoration, every combination and everything in between. If a house matches the style you like then it could be your favorite while the one last on your list is someone else's favorite because that is what they like. It would be useless to ask the attractions to rate themselves, amazingly they are almost all the best, scariest, biggest, etc. in the city, state, or country according to their advertising. No matter how I would assemble the list it would still be far from what I would want it to be.

That leads to the next option - if I can not rank the attractions, how about reviews? That leads to another problem in that I am closely involved with one of the attractions on the list. Could I give it a fair review? Probably not. Could I give unbiased reviews for other ones in the area? Maybe, as long as they are not direct rivals. Either way, any review I would post would be biased. To fix this I need either a reviewer (or reviewers) who are truly unbiased (soemthing very hard to find) or else I need a large number of reviewers who I can identify along with their affiliations and connections to the verious attractions to allow the reader to read the reviews with those biases in mind. If a suitable group of reviewers could be assembled I would consider that option, but so far it is just me.