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About This Site

My name is Tom Strong and I am the creator and maintainer of this site. I originally started it after searching for a site that listed all of the haunted attractions in the area but not finding anything that was both updated and complete. Since I couldn't find anything suitable and I knew how to work with HTML the solution seemed obvious and in 2004 this site first appeared on the web.

In the years since I started it several other listings have appeared, some of which try to list every atraction in the country but are unable to understand that interest in hanted houses doesn't stop at state lines and while someone from Wilkes-Barre might not want to drive to Pittsburgh, someone from Wheeling might not think twice about the trip. I don't beleive that the answer to a situation like that is to tell the operators of haunted houses near a state line to buy ads in both states, so instead I've included anything I've learned about within a few hours drive of Pittsburgh. If you think something should be included and I don't have it on here I probably just don't know it exists, send me information about it and I'll add it on the next update.

The site has now outgrown this domain, it is no longer a Pittsburgh listing of haunted houses, it's now a national (and even beyond the US borders) listing. In recognition of this, we are now FindAHaunt.com. Most of the pages here are now gone, but if you go to the new site you will fine everything we had here and more.